The Team


Karl W. Laumbach
   Karl W. Laumbach is project archaeologist. A native
New Mexican, Karl has directed hundreds of
archaeological projects in southern New Mexico over
the past 30 years. He currently holds the position
of Associate Director for Research and Public
Education at Human Systems Research, Las Cruces.
His broad research interests extend beyond the
archaeology of the prehistoric southwest to the        
Apache Wars, Hispanic/Anglo relations, and New
Mexico range wars and political feuds. Karl is CAP’s 
intellectual architect, excavations director, lab 
supervisor, and chief analyst and synthesizer.

Stephen H. Lekson

  Stephen H. Lekson is curator of anthropology at the
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
and member of the faculty of that school’s depart-                 
ment of anthropology. Steve and student crews from
Boulder have undertaken the multi-year investigation
of the Pinnacle Ruin. His comprehensive grasp of the
prehistory of the American southwest has been
instrumental to understanding Cañada Alamosa in
the context of the wider world of which it was a part.


Toni Laumbach


  Toni Laumbach is chief curator at the New Mexico
Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces and
the project’s ceramics specialist. Her encyclopedic
knowledge of the characteristics and histories of
the pottery made by New Mexico’s prehistoric cultures
has been critical to deciphering the identities and  
occupation dates of the canyon’s first settlers.


Trudy and Denny O’Toole

   Trudy and Denny O’Toole retired to Monticello Box
Ranch, the project’s home base, in 1999. Their
Cañada Alamosa Institute was established the same
year. They pursue life-long interests in history,  
education, the environment, art, historic preservation
and human service at the ranch and the greater
community. They act as advisors and support staff
to the Cañada Alamosa Project.



Ginger Mclemore

  Virginia T. McLemore is senior economic geologist
at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral
Resources, a division of New Mexico Institute of
Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico. 
Ginger has brought her extensive knowledge of New  
Mexico’s natural resources and its tectonic evolution 
to bear on questions regarding the formation, 
alteration and geologic characteristics of Monticello
Canyon and on how those who lived there used its
resources for their needs. 



John Fitch

   John Fitch grew up in El Paso, Texas, and moved to
Las Cruces after his retirement from government
service in 1995. John has been part of CAP since
the first excavation in 1999. He serves as project
photographer and general assistant in the field.
In Las Cruces, he assists in the curation of project
collections and archives.

Crew Chiefs Earthwatch:

Seamont, Schue, O'Toole, Eakes, Estes,
Toni L., Fitch, Hood, Karl L. 2007


  John Schue, Morgan Seamont, Dean
Hood, Delton Estes, Michael Wylde, Annette Eakes,
Eleanor Dahlin, Caerillon Thomas
CU: Curtis Nepstad-Thornberry, Devin White, Brian
Yunker, Gail Bleakeny, Brenda Todd, Michelle Butler,
Morgan Seamont
 Crew Support:

Scott Mackenzie and Marc Bacon - Left
Randy and Donna Furr- Right

  Scott Mackenzie, Marc Bacon, Randy and Donna Furr,
Mary Lou Estes, Zoe Wiseman

 Crews:   Students of Eastern New Mexico University and the
University of Colorado; Earthwatch Institute vols.;
HSR lab volunteers and workstudy helpers; Institute
of Historical Survey Foundation vols.; CAP vol. oral
history interviewers
 Special Thanks To:

   Jeff Ferguson, Eric Blinman, Gary Hein, Martin
Hoffmeister, Caerie Thomas, Peggy Nelson, Michele
Hegmon, Jerry Eagan, Catherine Bailey, Phil Shelley
Evan Davies, Jim Wakeman, Linda Cordell, Richard Holloway, David Cain, John Hunner, David Hill, Lynne Sebastian, Meade Kemrer, March Thompson, Glenna Dean, Neal Ackerly, Catherine and Yarrow Mackenzie, Catherine Slick, Peter Pino, Estevan Rael Galvez, Beth O’Leary, James Brooks, Chris Adams, Courtney White, Richard Chapman, Donna McFadden, Jeff Houser, Joy Poole, Frances Levine, John Kantner, Roy Underhill, David Phillips, Mark Santiago, Alan Ferg, Sherry Robinson, Eddy Montoya, Kathy Wiseman, Dave Love, Curtis Monger, Jerry Eagan, Carol Chamberland, LeRoy 
Unglaub, Kitty Porterfield, Michael Darrow, Brian Halstead, Deb Dennis, Dave Kirkpatrick, Helen Pettit, Scott Andrae, Dabney Ford, Paul Anderson, Marcella Catoni